Saturday, August 24, 2013

Halloween Pumpkin Art Doll

Well I am in week five of six. I will be getting the pin removed from my toe next week and a supportive boot so I can finely walk. It has been the longest five weeks of my life. I was ordered by the doctor not to put my foot on the ground for six weeks after foot surgery and I have almost managed to do that. I will be getting back to my dolls the end of next week I hope. My newest pumpkin doll is sitting in her chair with the most mean look on her face. She seems to be mad at me for leaving her for so long unfinished without arms and naked. I tried several ways to sit at my sewing machine with my foot elevated above my heart as ordered but to no avail. Just too painful to have it lower than that. Anyway here is a pic of my new doll in the works.

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