Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Halloween Baby Pumpkin In Baby Buggy

How happy is she to be out in her pram. Little “Sweet Cheeks” has a smile a mile wide. She comes dressed in her diaper and bonnet and carries her favorite rattle and she never leaves home without her binky. She fits into her pram so perfectly. I couldn’t stop smiling at this one as she came into being. I can just imagine her coos and giggles as she is taken out for a walk on a cold fall day (her favorite time of year of course).

The baby is made 100% cotton feed sack material that has been hand painted, sanded then sealed. Her rattle is paper clay, wood with green thread for the hair (it does not rattle). Baby’s bonnet is vintage lace. Her diaper is a terry type fabric and has a miniature pink diaper pin as a fastener.
The pram is made from Styrofoam and covered in plaster and gauze bandage, painted and sealed. It has metal wheels that turn. The inside of the pram is padded and lined with black fabric that has stars and moons in orange. I have made a custom tag to go with this piece.
The pram measures 9 ½ in wide x 9 ½ high and 11 ½ in deep. Baby pumpkin measures 4 ½ in high x 7 ½ in wide elbow to elbow and 6 ½ in front to back.
This is a one of a kind piece designed and made by me the artist, signed and dated.

This is NOT a Childs toy and is meant for adult collectors only.