Saturday, May 11, 2013

Artist Bear Original

I sat a played yesterday in my studio. I wanted to make a new bear pattern that was way smaller than I usually do. 
I have created two patterns that where smaller a long time ago but I wanted one that was just a little easier on my eyes to hand sew.

 After making the pattern I cut it out in furry wool felt. I liked the end results but I want to tweak it a little next time.

 I will be making the pattern available on my Etsy store next week, when I am satisfied with the end results. 
I am also working on a cute little pink elephant as well. She will be a tad bigger that this bear. 

Anyway it's Mothers Day weekend and my family are coming over to spoil me, either that or I am going to cook clean and spoil them. Stay tuned for Bella the pink elephant.



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