Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One more Halloween doll

I am working on one more Halloween doll and then I am moving on to Christmas. I really enjoy working with all the colors of Fall and its hard to put them aside. I have to switch gears inside my head. I will be doing a lot of Santas in the next few months and a few snowmen but I have some creepy ideas as well that I have to bring out. I will post my doll when she is finished on my blog.


  1. I found your blog when I was looking for Halloween ornaments. I didn't see any Halloween ornaments, but I really like your other Halloween designs. I hope that you will design some Christmas ornaments.

  2. oh my goodness...your creations are SOOO neat! I know that folks who visit my site will love your items too. I'm going to put up a post about your items on
    and will be sending some new customers your way. I really look forward to seeing what you create for Christmas too. Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. One day I will actually get in the groove and create Halloween and Holiday items in a timely fashion. Until then I will enjoy YOUR blog - lol
    Very lovely items and such creativity!


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