Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Morbid Marvin

There is something wrong with Marvin. He looks charming in his suave attire but do not be fooled by that and his warm smile.. He has been out trick-or-treating and his bag is full of candy, (which he is happy about) but there’s a more sinister reason for that smile. Look beneath his feet and see what his favorite hobby is. He is a bone collector and he has some treasured finds in his little box.

This is a wonderful character made from paper clay and wire armatures. His legs are wood. He is hand painted in acrylics then sealed several times. The bow tie is made from fabric, hand stitched. I gave him a vivid green shirt that is full of eyes with various expressions His little treat bag is hand made from orange scrapbook paper which I stamped inside and out then aged. Inside his bag you will find sweets hand made from various colored Play- doh that are individually wrapped in iridescent paper. They are very tiny but look like real sweets. I added a picket fence to the box he is standing on then painted it black and added Halloween art on the sides and front. The box has a little draw that opens to reveal bones that I sculpted from oven baked clay that has been aged to look like real old bones. A lot of detail went into this piece and it took quite a while to make. The photos don't do this one justice, it is a stunning piece.The whole piece stands 14 inches high and about 5 inches wide.

This is a one of a kind, Kaz Original signed and dated


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