Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Walk In The Park

This is an original piece painted on wood in acrylics. It measures 11x12 ½ x 3/8.
I have hand painted ,stamped and stenciled it.

The background is pale greens and pinks making the main subject pop out of the painting.
There are butterflies bugs and plants faintly painted into the background with a pretty black lacy stamped border at the top. The sides and back are painted black. I have signed and dated the front and back of the painting and it has a hook on the back making it ready to hang.

My original intent was to have this lone girl in the painting but after looking down at my Misty I thought that she would look great in the painting.
I have a wonderful 13 year old faithful little Mini Schnauzer called Misty who is my constant companion. She sits in my studio with me every day watching me create. She seems curious about what I am doing, watching my every move. I sometimes ask her what she thinks; she looks at me with her sweet face adoringly and never criticizes, what a friend. Occasionally she takes a nap but if I go to clean my brushes she is right behind me (even if it is only five steps away from my table).

Misty and I thank you for taking a peek at our latest work.

$65.00 $7.00 shipping

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